2x750 kW ,Bairass SHP Plant under operation under   extreme winter conditions.
BAIRAS 1 BAIRAS 2 BAIRAS 3 BAIRAS 10 cable trench rack at bairas control room 24.07.2016 CGI SHEET FIXED OVER CONTROL ROOM OF BAIRAS CGI sheet work at final stage at BAIRAS CT&PT placed at switchyard at Bairas 13.07.2016 desilting tank at bairas 29.07.2016 desilting tank bairas 27.07.2016 E&M2 BAIRAS E&M3 BAIRAS FOREBAY PLUGGING WALL BAIRAS Intake chamber at bairas 29.07.2016 Intake chamber P.C.C. at Bairas 20.06.2016 PCC OF UPSTREAM RAFT WEIR at bairas 01.07.2016 PLACING OF ISMB AT EOT at bairas dt 01.07.2016(2) plastering completed at control room backside wall at bairas 13.07.2016 plastering work in machine hall at Bairas 20.06.2016 plastering work inside control room Bairas 16.07.2016 platering work started at bairas pole fixing of CT & PT in Bairas 13.07.2016 power channel BAIRAS 01.07.2016 Power Channel connected upto near D-Tank at Bairas 20.06.2016 power channel walls BAIRAS 01.7.2016 POWER HOUSE & SWITCH YARD BAIRAS Power house truss erection AT BAIRAS power house truss erection2 AT BAIRAS REINFORCEMENT OF FEEDER CHANNEL 01.07.2016 BAIRAS road cutting at bairas 13.07.2016 service bay generator & turbine raft has been completed at bairas SPILLWAY & FOREBAY at bairas spillway bairas spillway excavation of Bairas 16.07.2016 TAIL RACE BAIRAS TRANSFORMER AFTER ASSEMBLING OF RADIATOR & OIL CONTROLLER at bairas 01.07.2016 transformer foundation at bairas 01.07.2016 TRC-2 BAIRAS TURBINE & OPU AND CONTROL ROOM PANELS at bairas 01.07.2016 VCB STAND AT BAIRAS 01.07.2016 (2) VCB STAND AT BAIRAS 01.07.2016 weir bairass AT BAIRAS 01.07.2016 zoom gallery lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1